Up and Down

A group of interested members of the Museums and Exhibitions Group visited the Kindl Brewery in Neukölln. On the way, one already has a  different impression. The young people who  responded to questions about Hartz IV in front of the job center in Rollberg and condominiums that are built sky high. This is reality in Neukölln.

Since October 2016, there has been a place on the ground of the abandoned Kindl Brewery where reality is perceived and reflected. The Swiss-German couple Vanholt-Grisard initiated a centre for contemporary art. The current exhibition “up and down” shows the avant-garde of today as a mainstream of tomorrow. The curator An Paenhuysen presented artistic positions in conflicted area between subculture, sophisticated culture and mainstream. The tour ended in café “König Otto” in Sudhaus.between the Braukessel and the old brewery.