Potluck Picknick

After a long Corona period when in-person meetings are finally possible although still to a limited extent, the invitation for a potluck picnic on 8 September 2021 from the new WiB Group Coordinator, Karla Steinert-Thys, is a thirst quencher for the group leaders. One of our long-time WiB members warmly hosted the event at the beautiful garden of her home. Special thanks for her generous hospitality!

The new WiB president, Christine Hatakka, delivered a short speech and proposed a round of introductions since there are few new faces among the 23 ladies present at the event.  Everyone enjoyed the food they had prepared themselves in glorious late summer weather. It was a perfect opportunity for the group leaders and the executive board members to build closer connection as colleagues and exchange new ideas. The club is looking forward to many successful future meetings and events with the members in this new club year.