Virtually together

Due to continuous restriction, this year’s annual general meeting of Willkommen in Berlin e. V. on 17 June was once again conducted virtually. However, it was still a nice opportunity for many active WiB members to get together. The reports by the  board members and an overview of the club during the previous club year manifest continued activities even during the pandemic. The virtual events such as the meeting with the First Lady Elke Büdenbender at the Bellevue Palace, discussions on current topics and the Advent greetings from the board members kept the self-isolated WiB members connected and engaged. Despite the less capacity, the group leaders remained active and creatively organized various digital events such as quizzes, literature reviews, art lectures and virtual walks.

The annual general meeting also coincided with the election of the new WiB executive board members for the next two years period. For the first time, voting was done by postal ballot. Christine Hatakka was elected as the new president and Alix von Studnitz Nell as the new vice president. The rest of the new elected board members are Benita Dill-Wildhirth, Anja Gallon, Anahid Hanounik-Huth, Nita Isnaeni-Weber, Gülru Özcelik-Schindler and Karla Steinert-Thys. The club auditors, Bernadette Ruff and Monika Sachs-Wilde, were confirmed in office. The outgoing executive board bade farewell and wished the new executive board a successful two years-term.