A Trip to Morocco from 21 to 28 October 2016

An international group of Willkommen in Berlin members were enthusiastic participants on a week-long trip that crossed Morocco, in an interesting and varied programme organised by Bouchra Zniber, the spouse of the Moroccan ambassador in Berlin.
We explored the city of Rabat, with its Royal Palace and Mausoleum; Marrakesh, with its old, fortified medina, traditional souk and cactus gardens, and Essaouira, on the Atlantic coast, with its handicrafts-packed souk.
We visited agricultural projects, including a saffron farm, where, in a laborious process, valuable saffron threads are hand-picked from crocus flowers.
Elsewhere, we witnessed the production of thyme, sage and other fragrant herbs, and a cooperative where argan oil extraction provides women with employment. 
Morocco's vibrance will long remain with us: the famous bleu Majorelle, the reds and magentas of the bougainvillea, the just-picked freshness of the herbs, fruits and vegetables of its fantastic cuisine, and the interesting history of a country that has been shaped by its Arab, Jewish and Berber communities.
 Our heartfelt thanks go to Bouchra for an excellent programme!

A Trip to Morocco
A Trip to Morocco
A Trip to Morocco