At Julius Leber Barrack

In commemoration of International Women’s Day on 8 March 2018, WIB focused its attention on women in the military. Lieutenant Colonel Patrick Bernhardy, the commander of Julius Leber barracks where the traditional guard battalions of the German Federal Armed Forces are stationed, explained the protocolary honor service of his unit. The battalions serves on average 560 assignments yearly, such as the reception of foreign dignitaries and head of states, or the accreditation of new diplomats. The specific eligibility criteria for his troops comprises of precision, accuracy, rhythm, speed and a height between 1.75m and 2m. The uniformity must be maintained and the beards are not allowed. Three female soldiers dazzled the audience with their skills and precision in a stunning performance of the infantry rifle routine.

What kind of career opportunities do women have in the military profession? General Director Alice Greyer-Wieninger, the first female department head at the Ministry of Defense, outlined the changes since the 1970s when the German Armed Forces gradually began to open up to women and not only in the medical field and administration. The first female general was appointed in 1994. Since 2001 all career opportunities has been open to women. Today, the proportion of women in the military is 11.8%. A good education, the compatibility of family life and work, and greater opportunity to climb into leadership positions make the profession increasingly attractive. "Turning potential into capability" is the progressive slogan that Mrs. Greyer-Wieninger would like to implement in the German Armed Force through her networks, for instance "Chefsache Initiative”, a network of leaders from industry and science, the public sector and the media.