Bazaar Berlin 2022

On 4 November 2022 the members of “Willkommen in Berlin e.V" had opportunity once again to visit the sales exhibition "Bazaar Berlin". For the 60th time, more than 280 exhibitors from 55 countries offered beautiful, varied well-crafted products from all over the world. The marketers presented their products and displayed their creations ranging from various kinds of organic, ecological and natural products to unique jewelry and wooden decorations, from trendy clothing to delectable, appetizing food. Since Bazaar Berlin took place just in time for Christmas season, it was the best time to shop for Christmas gifts and decorations.

Every year the club receives the kind invitation from the Bazaar Berlin. This year, over 45 WiB members attended the event. The WiB President, Christine Hatakka, thanked the Project Manager of Bazaar Berlin, Mrs. Ester Piehl for the warm welcome. Mrs. Piehl explained that for the first time, the international fair was held without a partner country. She informed the WiB diplomatic members about the opportunity to be the partner country of Bazaar Berlin next year.

After the group photo in the large hall taken by the fair's photographer, each WiB member received a Bazaar Berlin cloth shopping bag. The WiB members then dispersed and began their Christmas gift hunting. It was most likely that the new shopping bag were filled with various unique and nice stuff when they left the exhibition center.