Berlin "Unter den Linden – then and now“

In the midst of the corona pandemic, the members of Willkommen in Berlin had a special opportunity to explore "Unter den Linden” virtually on 23 February 2021. The Director General of the Berlin State Library, Ms. Barbara Schneider-Kempf,  welcomed the WiB members virtually and delivered her personal greetings from her elegant new office in the State Library. She informed that the reopening ceremony of the Berlin State Library also took place digitally per livestream due to Corona restrictions.

Afterwards, Art Historian and Historian Thomas Hoffmann gave a fascinating presentation by taking the members to a digital walk along "Unter den Linden". He live-streamed this world-famous historic boulevard with enthusiasm and flair, highlighting its magnificent buildings from the resurrected City Palace to the World Heritage Site Museum Island, the famous equestrian monuments and the “then and now” street transformations over the past 300 years. His wonderful printings of the 19th century, the black/white and new pictures took the WiB members to a ride in a time machine bringing the past to life. What an excellent, comprehensive presentation that even a true Berliner will greatly appreciate.

Image 1: by courtesy of Thomas Hoffmann
Image 2 & 3: by courtesy of Sabine Weyermann