Ikebana in Berlin

By invitation of Mrs Akiko Yagi, wife of the Japanese Ambassador, WiB´s May Special Event focused on Ikebana. The ancient art of arranging flowers meaning so much to the Japanese people.
The founder of Ikebana International Berlin, Ms Marianne Pucks, introduced the visitors to the art of  “the living flower” and  its philosophy. Together with the Japanese tea ceremony and calligraphy, Ikebana belongs to higher education (of men) in the country of the rising sun for more than 1500 years. Interestingly, women of the middle-class were not allowed before the 19th century to work in that field.
The arrangement of flowers is supposed to bring nature into people´s homes; at the same time should follow the cosmic order. Three lines have to be recognized: shin (真), soe (副) and tai (体) – symbolizing heaven, earth and mankind. The artist should use material that is available at that time of the year and has to direct plants in certain angles- in order to create a special energy.
Ms Pucks worked with five differently modelled vases and created arrangements that varied from classical to extremely modern. Long lasting applause was hers.