Jour Fixe April: Künstlerhaus Dahlem

After meticulous restoration, the former state atelier of Hitler protégé Arno Breker, one of the most prolific sculptors of the Third Reich, re-opened as an art space in the summer of 2015. A guided tour of this remarkable artists' studio in Dahlem was WiB's Jour Fixe in April. The building was requisitioned by US troops after the war; in 1949, the sculptor Bernhard Heiliger moved into part of the building. Since his death, the Heiliger Foundation has exhibited artworks inside, as well as large sculptures outside, in the adjoining sculpture
WiB member Lily Heiliger, the spouse of the sculptor's nephew, accompanied the group.
The focus of the newly established exhibition space is sculpture, painting and photography, with special emphasis on the post-war years between 1945-1961. The variety of exhibited sculptures, paintings and photographs presents the featured artists' examination of the themes of their time: capitulation, occupation, the air lift, the East-West conflict and the building of two German states.
The large group of visitors was delighted by this Grunewald gem and with its new director, Dr. Dorothea Schöne.

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At the Künstlerhaus in Dahlem