Jour Fixe at Vivantes

The May Jour Fixe took us to the Vivantes Hospital Group. After an introduction by Mr. Nizar Maarouf, Deputy Director of Vivantes International Medicine who, in particular, described the very comfortable facilities of the Vivantes Hospital for international patients living in Germany and abroad, we listened to a lecture by Prof. Steffen Weikert about robot-steered endoscopy. Afterwards Prof. Volker Lange described the possibility of metabolic surgery for patients with adipositas. A tour of the Stroke Units of the Komfortklinik Spandau rounded up our visit, giving us a good impression of the various medical care and treatments offered by the Vivantes clinics.

Auf dem Foto:
Nizaar Maarouf, Julie Beelen Heidl, Susanne von der Osten-Sacken, Tone Korssund Eichinger, Prof. Jörg Müller, Chefarzt der Neurologie

Besuch bei Vivantes