Jour Fixe in the Indian Embassy

Our April Jour Fixe took place in the Indian Embassy to which the Ambassador’s wife Mrs. Vandana Gokhale invited WIB for a unique fashion show: “Sari: a tailor’s dream.”

It was a particular pleasure to see so many of the invitees wearing saris themselves, many of them privately owned. Adorned with a traditional bindi on our foreheads, we all felt a little Indian on this day. A delicious lunch at which various curries were served further contributed to the exotic atmosphere at the Indian Embassy.

1. Photo: Tone Korssund-Eichinger, Daniela Schadt (partner of the Federal President), Susanne von der Osten-Sacken, Vandana Gokhale (hostess, wife of the Indian Ambassador)

2. Photo: Mary Ellen von Schacky-Schultz, Kanta Stanchina, Ursula Matussek

3. Photo: group photo