Neujahrsempfang am 28. Januar 2019

Ambassadors, club members and guests from business, politics and diplomacy attended the festive New Year’s reception in cooperation with Maritim Hotel on 28 January 2019. WiB president Dr. Gundula Beyer-Zouboulis began her speech with a quote from former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt: "Today, the most important thing is to learn to understand other people. And not only their music, but also their philosophy, their attitude, their behavior. Only then will nations can get along with each other.” This is precisely the approach embraced in "Welcome to Berlin.

Through various information and diverse cultural program provided and organized by Welcome to Berlin, not only the diplomatic members learn about Berlin and Germany in depth, but they also have the opportunity to get to know each other better. Mutual trust and respect for cultural diversity are essential for establishment of peace and harmony. Special thanks to the active members of the club for the time and great effort in their volunteer work! Gundula also thanked the Federal Foreign Office, Secretary of State Walter Lindner who is the patron of the club, and Mr. Konrad Arz von Straussenburg who is the Chief of Protocol of the Federal Foreign Office for their continuous support.

The program of the evening was entertainingly presented by Nita Isnaeni-Waeber. In addition to the artistic music performance by jAAzz band of the Federal Foreign Office, the raffles at the end of the program contributed to the exciting atmosphere. The club will celebrate its 20th anniversary in April at the Federal Foreign Office.