"I'm so happy that we can finally meet in person again." 

It was certainly a phrase that was said the most during the opening of the WiB new club year on 22 September 2021. After almost a year and a half, it was the first major event that the club was able to hold - of course in a strict compliance with the 3G rule and with masks indoor. For this event, many new and current members gladly traveled to Berlin's southwest to spend several hours together at the Golf and Country Club Berlin-Wannsee.

The WiB President, Christine Hatakka and the WiB Vice President, Alix von Studnitz Nell, delivered the welcome greetings and introduced the rest of the executive board members. The main focus of the event was the presentation of the club activities and the new structure in group coordination. Standing behind the registration desks, the group leaders happily explained the wide range of activities for the upcoming months to the keen diplomatic members. From sports  and  entertainment, history and politics, languages and culture to a journey of discovery in Berlin and Germany, WiB offers something for (almost) every interest. The first event will take place very soon!

Afterwards, the members were invited to the large terrace with a beautiful view of the golf course which was founded as early as 1895 to enjoy cheerful conversations and a meal together.