Special Event: "Deutsche See"

During a tour of the Berlin branch of the fish processing plant Deutsche See Fischmanufaktur, participants became acquainted with interesting facts concerning the fine-tuned logistics of the company as well as its diverse products. Deutsche See GmbH is Germany's largest marine fish importer.

Time and temperature play a crucial role when it comes to the delivery and processing of fish and seafood. Nevertheless, the company attaches great importance to environmental issues and sustainability.

The fashionably designed protective clothing donned in preparation for the tour put everyone in the right mood; on the subsequent walk through the icy storage and cooling rooms, the visitors came face to face with many an unexpectedly large fish and crustacean.
A deliciously prepared selection of the day's catch day provided fortifying sustenance to end the excursion.

Tour of the fish processing plant "Deutsche See"
Tour of the fish processing plant "Deutsche See"