Special Event: Stoof

On June 16, 2016, the final Special Event of the club year took a good number of interested members to STOOF International GmbH, in Borkheide, Brandenburg. A fifth generation family business, STOOF employs 120 people and is a leading producer of armoured vehicles. The products are delivered worldwide, to governments, embassies, international organisations, security companies and individuals with high security needs. Demand for such vehicles has grown with the increase in acts of terrorism and armed conflict.
Our visit to STOOF began with an introduction to the company's history. On a walk through the factory floor, we followed the transformation of a regular sedan/SUV into a security vehicle. In the workshops, we observed just how much welded steel goes into protecting the interior of such a vehicle.
STOOF International happens to be located in the heart of the asparagus-growing region Beelitz, and so we also visited an asparagus farm in neighbouring Klaistow, where we were guided through the asparagus handling process. We could confirm the quality and freshness of Beelitz asparagus for ourselves during a meal immediately afterwards. Armoured vehicles and asparagus from Germany - both left lasting impressions.

Special Event at Stoof
....and a visit to the asparagus farm in Klaistow