The Opening reception of the Club Year 2017/2018 on 20 September 2017

The Executive Board of Welcome to Berlin once again extended an invitation to the opening of the new club year 2017-2018 at the Federal Foreign Office. After the warm welcome by the President of the club, Dr. Gundula Beyer-Zouboulis, the Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs  and the patron of the club, Walter J. Lindner took over the podium. He emphasized the important role of the club in helping the new diplomats and their families connect with each other and get involved in the community in Berlin and Germany. Gundula Beyer-Zouboulis thanked the Federal Foreign Office for the continuous support and close cooperation. The club is a forum for international understanding that begins with personal contact, mutual listening and empathy.

The newly arrived diplomats came to the event as well and were invited to various group meetings. This club year, the members have the opportunity to get actively involved in more than 30 groups, participate in workshops, attend the Jours Fixes and Special Events with emphasis on cultural, social, sport and language aspects. The members also have the opportunity to present their skills and share it with other members during the “Talents in our club” workshop. With great interest the guests gathered the information from the group leaders. The response to the various group activities once again exceeded the expectation.

In addition to the activities during the day, the club takes special interest in organizing more events in the evening in order to offer the diplomats and their relatives another forum of information-exchange. The admission of male members will be a strong focus in the future.

As the closing of the event, the duo cellist and saxophonist “Raphy & Adry” fascinated the audience with a medley of their own compositions and the adaptions of some famous pieces.