The visit to the Federal Chancellery

Nearly 100 WiB members from different countries attended the WiB special event: a visit to  the German Federal Chancellery on 28 October 2022. It was more than two years ago before the pandemic when the diplomats, their traveling partners and the Berliners were here for the traditional visit to the Chancellery. Many of them wore their national costumes and traditional robes in bright colors.

While waiting for Chancellor Scholz in the spacious hall, the WiB members were following the guidance of the professional photographer for the group photo session on the stairs. The appearance of the Chancellor was the moment that everyone had been waiting for with great anticipation. After a brief greeting and the photo session, the Chancellor bid a friendly farewell and wished everyone a nice day. The meeting was short but exciting.

Afterwards, the WiB members took part in multilingual guided tour through the Federal Chancellery. The history, art works and the elegant interior architecture of the building were the focus of the tour. A display of the state gifts from the nations all over the world fascinated the WiB members. The visit ended in a balcony where the WiB members enjoyed the beautiful views over the city in bright  "Chancellor weather”.