Visit at Nicolaihaus, Berlin base of Deutsche Stiftung Denkmalschutz (DSD)

German Foundation for Monument Protection (DSD) conducted a lecture on the work of the foundation and a guided tour to the Nicolai House in Brüderstrasse on 9 April 2018. Dr. Peter Schabe M.A. informed the WIB club members about the broad spectrum of the foundation which was founded in 1985.

Through generous donations from more than 200,000 supporters, the foundation was able to restore over 5,000 monuments in recent years. They organize an annual "open monument day" with different themes in order to encourage public awareness to preserve the historic buildings and monuments. In addition, they publish Monumente, a magazine for cultural heritage and carry out "Jugendbauhütten project": a voluntary year in heritage preservation, in cooperation with the International Youth Community Services. The private foundation also lends a hand to over 400 projects per year, especially in urgent situations where the process through official institutions might be too time-consuming.

After the interesting lecture by Dr. Schabe, the WIB members had the opportunity  to visit the historic Nicolai House, where the “coryphaei” (coryphaues = leader) discussed philosophical and literary topics in the past centuries. The members were so deeply involved in animated conversations that the morning came to an end quickly.