Visit at the German Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (BVMW)

Mario Ohoven serves as President of the Association for Small and Medium-sized Businesses since 1998. He welcomed the WIB members at the Federal Agency's headquarters on 20 March 2018. In his speech, he explained that close economic relations between countries has major contribution to safeguard peace. He sees the medium-sized economy as an engine and a bridge of diplomatic relations, especially with regard to countries facing difficult phase in political contacts. Ohoven, who is also  also President of the European Association for European Entrepreneurs since 2002, campaigns in politic and together with the members of the association promotes rapid modernization and sustainable infrastructure in order to secure long-term prosperity. In this case, digitalization plays a significant role.

Patrick Meinhardt, the Federal Director Politics of BVMW gave an introduction of the organization and the work of the association at the beginning of the event. The BVMW represents 600,000 companies with more than 12 millions employees. It is the largest voluntary association in Germany. Meinhardt himself was a member of the German Parliament for eight years and internationally committed in the Council of Europe for five years. As former Head of the Parliamentarian Group East Africa, he is particularly interested in the development of economic relations with Africa.

The WIB members had the opportunity to exchange views and ask questions during the reception at the end of the presentation. We thank our hosts sincerely for the interesting event.