Visit to the Barenboim-Said Akademie

The first special event of the new WiB club year was an exclusive guided tour through the Barenboim-Said Academy behind the scenes. Carsten Siebert, the Chancellor and Managing Director of the academy, greeted the WiB members at the Mozart Auditorium on 24 October 2019. Since its opening two years ago, “Music for the Thinking Ear" has been the focus of all aspirations, explained Siebert. It is also the vision of the two founders: conductor and pianist Daniel Barenboim, and literary and cultural critic Edward Said, who died in 2003. Today, around 100 students from the Middle East (Israel and Arab countries) are invited on scholarship to enroll in Bachelor of Music degree and Artist Diploma program at the this renowned music academy.

After the tour, the members enjoyed a concert by the Chiaroscuro Quartet in the famous Pierre Boulez Saal, named after Barenboim's long-time friend, the French composer and conductor Pierre Boulez. The stunning design by the Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry combined with the acoustics concept by the Japanese acoustician Yasuhisa Toyota, makes the concert hall worth a visit.  Through the harmony of Joseph Haydn, Fanny Henkel and Franz Schubert performed by the young musicians, the hall unfolded the magic atmosphere that Barenboim wanted for the space: ”… a place where many elements - cultural, artistic, humanistic, architectural and historical - and people come together to create an environment of communication, listening and understanding”.