Visit to the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure

The members of Willkommen in Berlin (WiB) had the opportunity to visit the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure during the club’s Jour Fixe on 10 February 2020. Mrs. Sabine Mehwald, the Head of the Department for Citizens' Services and Visitor Services, welcomed the members and made a brief introduction of the tasks, structure and organization of the ministry. Taking pride in one of the most beautiful federal office buildings, she walked us through the interesting history of this historic old building. The WiB members were fascinated with the the new extension of the old building constructed according to the winning design of architect Max Dudler.

After the guided tour, Mr. Lahmann of the National Organization for Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology (NOW) gave a lecture on "the Future of Electric Mobility". He underlined the importance of the sustainable technologies for the more efficient and greener transport system in the future. The topic prompted the WiB members to raise many intriguing questions. At the end of the event, Mr. Lahmann took us to the front yard of the ministry to see one electric car. The curious WiB members examined the car with great interest.

Photo 1: ©BMVI