WiB Trip to Estonia 3rd-6th June 2015

ESTONIA - Yesterday, today and tomorrow

A presentation by the Ambassador of the Republic of Estonia, Dr Kaja Tael, was the preface to a 3-day visit to the country by members of WiB. Accompanying the WiB visitors on the trip was the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Estonia Carl Eric Reintamm and his spouse Eva.

In Parliament, on the invitation of Marko Mikhelson, the Chairman of the National Defence Committee, the group obtained an overview of the current security situation. This was followed by a walk through Tallinn's romantic medieval quarter, a visit to an innovative restaurant and a guided tour of the Presidential Palace (Kadriorg Palace).

The group then visited the Baltic coastal town of Tartu (Dorpat), the site of one of northern Europe's oldest universities, where they were received by Mayor Urmas Klaas. Modern, technologically advanced e-Estonia was introduced to the group through a visit to a successful start-up company. A stop at the seaside resort of Haapsalu, with its imposing fortress, brought the visit to the northern EU-country to a close.

The generous invitation of German Ambassador Matthias Schalga and his spouse Eva gave all involved the opportunity to exchange the varied impressions and information gleaned during the trip.

Special thanks are due Carl Eric and Eva Reintamm, whose commentary placed Estonian politics and history into proper context.

Trip to Estonia
Trip to Estonia