WiB trip to Görlitz and the Lusatian Lakeland from 17 to 18 April 2018

The two-days bus trip in glorious spring weather offered the WIB members a rich program and various aspects. Görlitz on the Neisse river is a meticulously restored old town that contains 4,000 historic buildings. The members turned into time travellers and learned how the people of once the richest cloth producer on the famous Via Regia (part of the most important road system of the early Middle Ages) lived and traded interregionally.

During the reception in the magnificent town hall, Lord Mayor Deinege underlined his hopes for further tourism growth in Görlitz and the inclusion on the World Heritage List. Many filmmakers were inspired by the authentic and diverse scenery of the town and its unique architecture. The films from the bestselling novel such as Die Vermessung der Welt and the Oscar winning films: The Grand Budapest Hotel and Inglorious Basterds were produced in Görliwood (the town’s nick name after the film boom).

After the city tour, the journey continued to the countryside heading to the dazzling landscape park and the famous English garden of Prince Pückler-Muskau. The WiB members climbed the tower and had a beautiful view of the castle from above without having to roam the entire park. The Lusatian Lakeland concluded this extensive and exciting trip. Hearty thanks to one of our members for her friendly suggestion and great support in order to make this interesting excursion possible.

Decades of lignite mining has left scars on the landscape. Through flooding as a part of an extensive regeneration program, the former open-cast mines are transformed into artificial lakes which provide opportunity for a new industrial sector: tourism. A dramatic structural change, but it creates jobs that were lost during the mining era. A joint tourism marketing with Poland is viewed positively. One believes that the borderland to the right and the left of the Neisse river will be able to offer a lot more to the visitors in the future.