Women in politics and politics for women

A virtual presentation on the occasion of International Women’s Day organized by "Willkommen in Berlin” and the State representation of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

Every year Willkommen in Berlin organizes a special event to mark the International Women’s Day. In the context of this special day we take a closer look at the role of women throughout society. For example in 2019, we concentrated on the opportunities and challenges that the female entrepreneurs were facing in a digitized business world. On 9 March 2021, WiB hosted the virtual presentation in cooperation with the State representation of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern focusing on the women’s role in political landscape.

We are honored to have Ms. Delara Burkhhardt, member of the European Parliament and Dr. Antje Draheim, Plenipotentiary of the State of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania to the Federal Government and State Secretary for Federal Affairs as the keynote speakers. They have been active in the political arena for many years. Ms.  Burkhardt shared a very interesting insight into “the EU-Brussels bubble” and how crucial the support among women for the success of each and every one of them. Dr. Draheim elaborated on the discussion about the quotas for political parties and women in parliaments particularly in Germany but also across the borders.

Based on the inspiring inputs, the participating WiB-members shared their own personal experiences, combined the ideas and thoughts on this issues from all over the world. A verz special contribution came from one WiB member, Ethiopian Ambassador Mulu Solomon Bezuneh who recited her own poem "Women of the world unite" written in 1998 and published in a book titled "Gize" and other Poems in Amharic and English in 2006. It was a fitting tribute to the women around the world.

Women of the world unite!
Black or white
South or North, East or west,
We face similar problems,
Though the degree varies from place to place.
Thus, let us be one, let us unite,
For our cause to fight.
To fight discrimination at home,
At work, everywhere,
Let us join hands
To fight unfairness
We deserve human rights.
The discriminatory policies,
Laws, religions and cultures,
Which formed this society,
Will end with our struggle and unity.
Let us wake up and see the world,
Analyze how the system is made,
To make us blind
And be submissive on our own issues,
To accept and live discriminated.
Let us mobilize our sisters and brothers,
Who think of the truth and fairness,
To work towards our goal,
To help others change their attitudes,
We are too much pushed against the wall
Too much against the ground,
And we have no where to go or escape,
Except to get up and jump,
Jump to stop discrimination,
Before it passes to generation.
Thus, let us stand united!
Then, our voice will be heard,
Our questions will be answered.
God has given us all fully,
To share everything   fairly,
But, man-made problems are to be fought
The key to this is one thing,
To unite and involve
ourselves in decision making
At all levels,
To wipe out our problems.
Thus, women of the world unite!
People of the world unite!
Black, yellow or white!
To stop discrimination!
before it passes to generation!
Women of the world UNITE!
People of the world UNITE!
Black, yellow or white