Women Startups in the Digitized World

On 13 March 2019, hosted by Elizabeth Bay, the Singaporean Ambassador's wife, WiB invited its members to an event at the Embassy of Singapore on the topic of "Women Startups in the Digital World". The keynote speech for the subsequent panel discussion with high-ranking representatives from politics and business was given by the Federal Government Commissioner for Digitization, Minister of State Dorothee Bär.

The Federal Government has developed an implementation strategy for shaping digital change. The networking of successful established and young digital companies is of particular importance. In Germany, research, development and application of artificial intelligence are to be brought to a world-leading level. Start-ups with a new business idea and high growth potential are particularly important for the innovative strength of a country.

Singapore has already optimized the conditions for start-ups in the digital world, as reported by one founder, whose young company received venture capital there. Under the expert moderation of Klaus Rüdiger, currently senior advisor for research cooperations and technology start-ups, a lively discussion developed, in the end also involving the audience. The possible risks of a digitally transformed society, especially for the interpersonal and social spheres were also discussed.

WiB is indebted to all participants, but also to the Embassy of Singapore, whose perfect preparation and great hospitality contributed to the success of this exciting event!