Anahid Hanounik-Huth - Treasurer

Anahid is an independent international consultant. She is married to a German diplomat who is currently working for the EU in Iraq. Through the postings of her husband, they lived in Sanaa, Tehran, Geneva, twice in Beirut and in New York.

In addition to her master’s degree in Political Science, Middle East Studies, Anahid is a certified EU Fundraiser and Project Manager as well as NLP Analytical and Practitioner. She worked with the United Nations, Human Rights Watch, international oil companies and founded a humanitarian children’s aid organization in 2018.

Having grown up with many cultures and languages, Anahid feels home everywhere. Her personal experiences have taught her how important it is to welcome and more importantly to feel welcomed in a new place. Since 2006 she has been periodically active as a group leader in WIB. She joined WIB again after her return from Beirut in 2018 and takes the position in the WiB Executive Board as Treasurer since November 2020.