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Who we are and what we do

Since it was founded 25 years ago, the club has been presenting Berlin and Germany to the accredited diplomats and their partners. It comprises 300 registered members of more than 100 countries. Every year, the club organizes around 300 events in various setups. We visit the federal institutions and the official seat of the governing mayor, introduce the 16 federal states at their state representations and through trips to the regions. From such vast cultural program the capital Berlin offers, we select the most interesting and exciting highlights for the members to visit. We explore “off the beaten track” places in Berlin and the city’s hidden gems that are not listed in the tourist guides. In addition to the invitations for events in private houses and residences, we go on excursions in the city and the surrounding areas by bike or on foot following the footprints marked by renowned artists. Exclusive tours of small and larger exhibitions are also in the program besides the visits to cinemas, theaters and operas.

The programs also range from major events at the Federal Chancellery and Schloss Bellevue to language courses and art classes in small groups. The smaller events in particular provide the members an opportunity to get to know one another better, to establish closer contacts and to engage in cultural exchange. WiB is there not only to present Germany, the diversity and its mentality, but also to promote tolerance and international understanding.
We bring together members who probably never meet each other in political receptions or in business events before. We maintain personal contact with our members of the diplomatic corps and invite their family members in many events. The mutual trust and understanding often develops into a genuine friendship that lasts years after their posting in Berlin.