Architecture and Beer - the Pearls of Berlin Breweries: Bötzow, Königstadt and Pfefferberg

The city walk with architect Ulf Meyer on 28 May 2019 gave an actual impression of the new concepts of utilizing the old historical structures of the Berlin breweries at Prenzlauer Allee.

The reconstruction of the former Bötzow Brewery is one of the exciting architecture projects in Berlin. Ottobock Group, the med-tech company that manufactures technologically outstanding wheelchairs and prosthetics, is the new owner of the property. Visiting the dynamic functional work spaces full of creativity, the group had a first glimpse of the various use of the products.

Today Pfefferberg Brewery is a trendy, well known place for various cultural and social activities. In the historic Pfefferbräu located in one of the 21 gutted, renovated buildings, the beer is brewed, served on draught with special regional dishes.

Twenty international participants of the tour enjoyed the architectural art and the views.
The walk was organized by Marita Seidt, Dr. Eleonore Wnendt and Christa Wunderlich.