The Olympic Village of 1936

Our first group event of the new WiB club year took place on 10 October 2019. We visited the 1936 Olympic site situated outside of Berlin’s city limits in Elstal. The village was built in just 2 years and comprised comfortable housing facilities for 3.600 athletes from almost 50 different nations. Dining Hall of the Nations embraced 40 halls and the community center Hindenburghaus had a cinema where Nazi propaganda movies were shown. The heated swimming pool is an architectural masterpiece. After the Olympic Games the location was used by the German Armed Forces and later on by the Red Army.

The place has been abandoned since 1992. Today, the former Olympic Village is a national landmark. There are plans to revitalize and privatize the location. The group took the opportunity of this last chance to explore the special site where we came across the house of the star-athlete Jesse Owens.