A walk through Spandau

WiB´s bicycle group met on 23 February for a walk around the old town of Spandau. We met at the historical Nikolai church and walked towards the river Havel where we followed the river promenade. Passing by the site where river Spree and river Havel merge, we turned right towards to town hall of Spandau to have a view of its more than 100 meter long front side. From there, we passed through pedestrian zone through the town centre back to the church, crossed the main road in order to enter the park behind the Spandau brewery. From there we had a beautiful view of the Havel river which appears like a large lake held by the Spandau watergate. We strolled on along main street and had a great view of the watergate area, which has been used as such for many centuries. The main attraction of our tour has been the citadel of Spandau which was already built in the time of Renaissance. We walked inside the walls around the fortress and enjoyed a great view on the Havel river lakes on top of one of the massive walls.
Afterwards we had a brief visit of the historical town museum and ended our tour by stepping up the massive Julius Tower. From there we had an incredible view of our walking tour.