Berlin Memorials

In Berlin, history is always present: The june tour of the bike group lead us to some memorials, which remind on the terror regime of the National Socialists.
We started at Bahnhof Grunewald, where the memorial "Gleis 17" reminds at the jews, who were deported to Concentration Camps from 1941 to 1945.
From the station, we biked towards Steglitz, where on Hans-Ehlers-Platz, a column reminds at the Last murdered soldier, and a mirrored wall at a synagogue which was placed there.
Then, we continued to the park "Gleisdreieck" with its super well cycle track.
This is the new "Berlin-Leipzig Cycle Track". After this, we deceived a comfortable way to Tiergarten.
Here, we had a lunch in the sunshine at the Café am Neuen See. We all had a lovely day.