At the residence of the Philippines

The national anthem of the Philippines, “The Land of the Chosen People”, manifests the special magic of the country of 7,100 islands. Special thanks to H. E. Ambassador Theresa B. Dizon de Vega, who personally introduced us to her remarkable country on the Pacific Ring of Fire near the equator, providing the Philippines with abundant natural resources and the world's greatest biodiversity. These natural resources have been invaluable and ecologically utilized long before the debate of global climate and nature conservation. The head of presidential communications operations, Undersecretary Lorraine T. Badoy, who is currently visiting Europe, was so kind to join us.

At H. E. residence we were introduced to beautiful clothes made out of pineapple fibers and to other natural fibers used for various handwoven textiles in traditional patterns. The natural beauty of the Philippines' rainforests, its extensive coastlines and beaches attract diverse species of birds, plants, animals and sea creatures to settle and call this place home, which is alluring to the eco-tourism. Due to the volcanic nature of the islands, mineral deposits are abundant. Being a newly industrialized country, the economy has advanced successfully from an agriculture-based industry to an economy that puts more importance on service and production.

The group also met a jewelry designer based in Berlin, whose collections are manufactured in the Philippines. She talked about the outstanding craftsmanship and good spirit among her employees that facilitate the further development of her company.

Concluding this informative and exciting afternoon, we had the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Filipino tea and snacks provided by young Filipino/German entrepreneurs who are also based in Berlin. THANK YOU, Ambassador Dizon-de Vega!