“You are not alone“. The song by Michael Jackson was played with the musical instrument of Indonesia, the Angklung, during the grand finale of our cultural morning at the residence of the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Republic of Indonesia. As chance would have it, the title signifies the main idea of our club! This was just one of the remarkable performances that our hostess, Mrs. Selly Mboe Pada, organized for us on 16 March 2018 in her beautiful residence.

Mrs. Mboe Pada commenced the program with a video presentation about her country, its flourishing economy and the amazing travel destinations. She introduced us to Matatah, the tooth filing ceremony in Bali followed by a graceful warrior dance by an 11-year-old dancer. And this is not all. We were also pampered with the Balinese hand and foot treatments from a traditional spa in Berlin.

Before moving on to the elegant Indonesian buffet, we tested our dance skills in Indonesian line dance following the guidance of a talented dance instructor. We thank our host for the lavish hospitality!