Israeli Embassy

On 18 January 2018, Mrs. Laura Kam personally took us through the captivating history of the gorgeous residence building from when its original Jewish owner built in 1930 throughout many exciting times and stages until it almost cosmically now has become the second largest Israeli Residence in the world. We were all taken aback by the beauty of the original craftsmanship in the mansion, which is still apparent today.

We then enjoyed an intriguing and emotionally touching reading by Mr. Uwe Westphal from his novel Ehrenfried & Cohn, where he fictionally relates to the dire predicaments the jewish garment industry owners faced in the 1930’s in Germany. Mr. Westphal also related to us, how the idea of this novel grew on him over the decades of his journalistic work within the international fashion world and finally he disclosed that he is planning a sequel..... we are looking forward to learning more!

Our heartfelt thanks to Mrs. Laura Kam for a fascinating morning in Israel and especially for her kind hospitality. We enjoyed every minute and wish to say:“Thank you very much: תודה רבה