At Birkholz Perfume Manufacture

WiB members from 30 countries were invited with their partners to the headquarter of Birkholz Perfume Manufacture in Kleinmachnow, an idyllic suburb in Brandenburg on 28 February 2019. As fragrances have played an important role in human wellbeing regardless of their gender since thousands of years, the evening attracted keen interests of the members.

In modern perfumery, many fragrances are produced synthetically. The composition requires a careful handling of the perfume oils and a sleight of hand in distillation. Philip Birkholz, the son of the family-owned company, possesses this special talent. The perfume sommelier introduced the WIB members to the mysterious world of fragrance and took them to an exciting fragrance journey. Springlike, light sensuous-exotic to dazzling, mesmerizing scents surrounded the room.

Before the members enjoyed the culinary delight at the beautifully set tables, they had the opportunity to enjoy the scent samples and get recommendations for fragrance combination from the fragrance experts to create their personal scent and individual perfume. It was a great pleasure to meet a family of entrepreneurs who identifies their wonderful products with Berlin as one can see from the unique flacons which shapes symbolize the Brandenburg Gate and the Victory Column.

We thank the Birkholz family sincerely for the marvelous evening in the company’s headquarter.