Trip to Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, 17-18 September 2018

At the invitation of the Prime Minister of Mecklenburg-West Pomerania, Mrs. Manuela Schwesig, the 16 Federal States group undertook a two-day trip to Mecklenburg-West Pomerania at the beginning of the new club year. Accompanied and wonderfully looked after by the protocol, we spent two unforgettably beautiful and interesting days with a multifaceted program in midsummer weather.

On our arrival in the morning in Schwerin we were greeted by the vice-president of the state parliament, Ms. Schlupp, and guided through the romantic Schwerin castle and the state parliament. A delicious buffet lunch took place thereafter in the sunlit Orangerie. The onward journey took us to Rostock to the diaconal institution Michaelshof, whose work with disabled persons and the efforts to integrate them deeply moved all present. The omnipresent Pastor Goeritz, as a father figure, with his hardworking and dedicated team do most admirable work which allows people with disabilities of various degrees a content, filled, worthy life. We then undertook a boat trip to the seaside resort of Warnemünde. We were welcomed and accompanied by the committed and experienced Lord Mayor of Rostock, Roland Methling, who talked about his experiences over coffee and cake.

Once in Warnemünde we moved into our rooms in the legendary Hotel Neptun with the beautiful Baltic Sea views with great pleasure. The views from each of our rooms was however topped in the evening when we had a wonderful time in the Sky Bar, experiencing the most picturesque sunset from this unique viewpoint. Minister Drese welcomed us warmly and we had the pleasure of meeting State Secretary Martin who was instrumental in setting the course for this trip. The cuisine from the kitchen of the hotel spoiled us with its gastronomically skills and we had interesting conversations in a happy atmosphere.

The second day took us first to the Neptun shipyard, where we got closeup insights into the building of large luxury river cruise ships and into how the  large floating engines are produced among other production items for ship components in very large production halls. The estate Dalwitz of the Counts of Bassewitz in the Mecklenburg Parkland invited us at noon to visit their beautiful natural surroundings and get acquainted with the rural holiday destination that the present Count and Countess Bassewitz have created. State Secretary Dr. Buchwald, from the Agriculture and Environment Ministry, gave us the necessary explanations and exchanged views over the delicious Uruguayan barbecue.

We continued our journey in the sunny afternoon through the region known as Mecklenburg Switzerland, to  the only national natural monument in Germany, Ivenacker Oaks, where we were taken on a guided walk to the gigantic, over 1000 year old trees and the famous treetop path.

The very positive message and memories that we take home of this state will surely be enthusiastic multiplicators in our diplomatic members' countries and Mecklenburg-West Pomerania will be remembered in a splendid light. We had such a great time we would love to come again! We are grateful to the Prime Minister and the State Chancellery for this beautiful trip!