Visit to the Berlin Zoo

On 10 October 2014, the members of the 16 Federal States group had a wonderful opportunity to visit the legendary Berlin Zoo which was opened in 1844.

After a reception in the Lichtenstein salon given by the Zoological Director, Dr. Kuehne, we explored part of the beautiful 35 hectares which is the home of more than 20,000 animals. Walking past the historic buildings and beautiful sculptures, we observed the most diverse animal species. The primates particularly attracted us. We were allowed to feed the Hamadryas baboons which greeted us in large numbers with their babies clinging on the belly or the back of their mothers. Through our knowledgeable guides, we learned so many details about animal life. We were particularly delighted to have a chance to feed the heavyweight hippos which opened their large mouths waiting for us to throw some dry breads.

After the guided tour some of us continued to explore the zoo on our own, leaving the zoo only in the late afternoon and returning with a variety of beautiful photos for our families back home.