Visit to the Federal State Representation of Brandenburg

The 16 Federal States group was invited to the state representation of Brandenburg by State Secretary Martin Gorholt on 25 May 2018. After a warm welcome, the Secretary of State led us personally through the beautiful garden and gave explanations of an insect hotel, which was located in the shady part of the garden. Then we were taken on a conducted tour to the upper floor of the building and took a brief look at the office of the Prime Minister.

On the roof of the Brandenburgs´s representation, bee colonies have been nurtured for some years. These hives produce approximately 80 kilos honey annually. We were very happy to receive a jar of the honey to sample at home.

The State Secretary also spoke about the diverse bilateral and multilateral tasks of the state representation and the cooperation with the federal council. Mr. Mario Zetzsche from the City Administration of Fontane City Neuruppin took over the podium and informed us about the planned celebrations of "fontane.200" (the 200th anniversary of Theodore Fontane) which takes place in Neuruppin from 30 March to 30 December 2019.

Theodor Fontane (30 December 1819 - 20 September 1898), poet, writer and pharmacist, shaped the identity of Brandenburg like no other author and was regarded by many as the most important German realist in the history of literature. To date, the five volume travelogue “Walks through the Mark of Brandenburg" are the identity and image of Brandenburg. We are cordially invited to take a trip to Neuruppin next year!