Visit to the Federal State Representation of Saxony-Anhalt

40 members of the Bundesländer group were invited by of State Secretary Dr. Michael Schneider of Saxony-Anhalt to their Representation in Berlin-Mitte on 3 November 2016. After a friendly welcome of the Secretary of State, the members were informed of tasks and responsibilities of such a Representation in the capital. One of the major subjects that were introduced and discussed was the impending 500th Jubilee year of the Reformation in 2017. A film about the Luther sites of the state was shown, justifying the title "Saxony Anhalt - the State where the Reformation began".

A very interesting guided tour was given by department head Peter Schwägele. He explained the changing history of the representative building, which was built in 1827 according to the plans of master architect Schinkel and where the famous artists' club "The Seagull" (1946-1990) used to be located. The old building with its historic staircase, the fireplace room and the marble room (which is the office of the Head of the State of Saxony Anhalt) were very impressive and also the modern extension building with its translucent covered roof of the inner courtyard. A skillful example of combining old and new architecture.

The  interesting morning ended in the restaurant of the country's representation with a delicious lunch buffet.