Visit to Tropical Islands

On 29 March 2017, the 16 Federal States group with the WiB members from 17 countries were invited to visit the Tropical Islands in Brandenburg. The Managing Director Jan Janssen welcomed us with a tropical drink, then guided us through this unique resort.

The largest indoor rainforest in the world with its artificial lagoon, the huge South Sea with a long sandy beach, the Boulevard, the Tropino Children Club, the giant turbo waterslide and the Tropical Village with various restaurants and cafes, it was an amazing experience. Then we entered to the ‘all year round’ outdoor area with unique water attractions and spa facilities for the whole family. Huda from the UAE and Bouchra from Morocco even did a balloon ride.

Time flew by so fast. Unfortunately there was no time left to visit the tropical landscape sauna inside a lavish model of ancient temples and an ensemble of steambaths from all over the world. We had a break in one of the restaurants before we bade goodbye reluctantly to our holiday paradise and traveled back home in heavy rain. This time we did not stay overnight in one of the lodging facilities. But who knows? Maybe we will come back…