From the Neue Wache to the Berliner Stadtschloss

Despite the approaching Pentecost long weekend, on May 13th, Group Unknown Berlin met at the Neue Wache - New Guardhouse (it serves as the Central Memorial of the Federal Republic of Germany for the Victims of War and Dictatorship) and then continued on to the Humboldt Forum/Berlin City Palace. Astrid von Deichmann, one of the group leaders, vividly described not only the architecture of the New Guardhouse and its use throughout history, but also explained Käthe Kollwitz´s Pietà in detail. Horst Köhler, an engineer from the Förderverein Berliner Schloss e.V., then accompanied the group to the Humboldt Forum/Berlin City Palace, where he shared insights into the former palace’s history, progress on construction of the new building and its future use as the Humboldt Forum and Museum. During the tour, the group spontaneously donated enough money towards the cost of decorative stones on the palace’s facade. The walk around the facade was particularly impressive, as it revealed the sheer size of the building and emphasized the fast pace at which construction - ahead of schedule - is progressing.