Google's Capital City Office

33 members of group “Unknown Berlin” were granted the opportunity to visit Google’s capital city office Berlin. It was a fascinating morning. Ms. Gudrun Schweppe and her collegues gave an excellent tour showing a very contemporary work surrounding. Almost all offices have open space work places. Those that do not, are made transparent by using glass very wisely.
Two cafeterias serve free of charge breakfast and lunch, as well as healthy snacks like nuts and fruits. In addition the office provides a fitness room and professional massages are available. At Google there seems to be work life balance made possible. There are no fixed working hours, as long as the job is being done. If i.e. a child has called in sick, then working from home office for the respective parent is not a problem. All in all there is a very comfortable atmosphere. Members of our group commented more than once: “I would love to work here.”
Followed by the office tour Dr. Ralf Bremer (Head of Political PR and company spokesperson for Google Germany) gave a very good presentation featuring Google’s facts and figures and the company’s product portfolio as well as demonstrating the new invention: a cardboard box combined with a smartphone and an app enable 3D observation. For example some group members experienced a virtual visit of a Paul McCartney concert.

Google’s capital city office