Guided Tour in Cecilienhof

More than 30 members of the two groups „Unbekanntes Berlin“ and „Geschichte und Politik“ met on December 11, 2015 in Cecilienhof Palace in Potsdam.
It was to remember the 70th anniversary of the end of  world war II and to visit this place with a special tour to learn about its importance for German History. The group leader of the History and Politics Group, Susanne von der Osten-Sacken, displayed the historical site and the run of the „Potsdam Conference“, that took place in Cecilienhof Palace from July, 17 through August, 2nd 1945.
Here the „Anti-Hitler-Coalition“ (USA,GB and UDSSR) met to negotiate about the future development after the German Capitulation. The agreements and results were written down for Germany in the Potsdam Agreement and for Japan in the Potsdam Declaration.