The Treasure of Kreuzberg

Viktoriapark’s catacombs – The„Underworld” beneath the Schinkel-Memorial

Despite the freezing cold, the Unknown Berlin met at Viktoriapark on 21 April 2017 for a special tour to climb the Kreuzberg and find out about the hidden secrets of the catacombs beneath the Schinkel Memorial.
A mystic journey began where in winter countless bats hibernate surrounded by the moulds of the Quadriga of the famous Brandenburg Gate and the original relief of the Berlin Coin (exposing the origin and development of money).
Mr. Frank Körner (former construction manager of the Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg district) gave us a very knowledgeable and enthusiastic tour on an honorary basis. He presented sculptures belonging to Landesdenkmalamt Berlin (National Monument Office Berlin) and gave a summary of Kreuzberg’s history.
The most fascinating part of the tour was the story of a virtually elevating the monument about 8 meters in 1878.
When enjoying the relief Spring of the nearly perfectly kept reliefs of the Four Seasons of the former Palais Schwerin at Molkenmarkt we finally got a hint how wonderful spring can be in Berlin.