Trailing the Prusian cultural landscape

The Unknown Berlin group gathered in Potsdam to explore the historic Prussian cultural landscape on 28 May 2018. Helen Eichhorn, the member of the Executive Board of Welcome to Berlin, put together a special walking tour and brought the history to life with her storytelling. The group marched from Glienicke Palace to Loggia Alexandra on Böttcherberg, passed the narrowest point in Klein-Glienecke of the former East Germany (only 15 meters from border to border) which was the hot spot neighborhood during the Cold War. Then the group headed to the Swiss Houses built in the 19th century which belong the UNESCO World Heritage since 1990.

Walking through the alpine landscape illusion, the group took a short moment to admire the 19th century industrial monuments and enjoyed the breathtaking scenery of Potsdam’s lakes. From Schloss Babelsberg, the next stop was Jagdschloss Glienicke (the hunting lodge) and Helen told more sensational escape stories. The group slowly headed for Glienicker Bridge where the 3 hours walking tour was ended. The day was concluded with a nice lunch together at the famous petrol station “Garage du Pont”. It was an exciting journey through the centuries.