Visiting BSTU

Despite ghastly weather many interested group members came to visit BSTU (Behörde des Beauftragten für die Unterlagen des Staatssicherheitsdienstes of former German Democratic Republic - former Stasi Headquarter (Ministry of State Security of East Germany)) and its archives. Ms. Dagmar Hovestädt (spokeswomen) and Mr. Elmar Kramer (vice spokesman) both explained the international importance of opening up the secret police’s archives.
The group was able to explore the heritage of the Geheimpolizei (secret police) of former GDR, as well as the structures, effects and methods of the Stasi. After some insights into the system it was very clear, why documents can only be released purpose-bound. These documents will not be evaluated by the authority, but is left to the jurisdiction - and last but not least to us citizens.
At the end the group visited the Stasi Museum Berlin, the former residence of the Stasi minister, Erich Mielke. His office still exists originally furnished.