Berlinale Event

The Arabic Group met in March 2016 at the residence of Mrs. Aisha Al Khulaifi, the spouse of the Qatari Ambassador. In relation to "Arabic cinema and the Berlinale", we hosted two young Arab-German film makers as guest speakers. They showed short films and clips of their prize-awarded productions.

The first guest speaker was Mrs. Myrna Maakaronis who is a writer, an actor and a director. She was also the winner of the first "Berlin Today Award" in Berlin 2004 for her film “Berlin Beirut”. The second guest speaker was Mr. Mickey Dupke who is the producer and founder of “Little Bridge Pictures” and the winner of the Co-Production prize of the Robert Bosch Stiftung at the Berlinale in 2013 for his movie “Three Mile Riders”.

After the program, we were invited to a fabulous lunch from the kitchens of the Arab World.

Arabisches Kino and the Berlinale
Andreas Schaap, Myrna Maakaron (Autorin), Aisha Al Khulaifi, Gattin des quatarischen Botschafters, May Erbel, Michael Dupke (Produzent)