The Arabic Program of Deutsche Welle

Mrs. Nadia Azm, the spouse of the Jordanian Ambassador, and the group leaders of the Arabic group, May Rizk Erbel and Samira Rosa Boeckmann, welcomed more than 30 ladies to their first event of the club year on 15 October 2015.

The guest of the event was Mr. Jaafar Abdelkarim, the prominent figure in the Arabic programme of Deutsche Welle. Mr. Abdelkarim and Ms. Rim Naimi, the producer of the TV show Shabab Talk briefly explained their personal background and their careers in journalism. Both have language proficiency in German, Arabic and French. Shabab Talk is an interactive dialogue television program broadcasted by Deutsche Welle  عربية in Berlin. During the program, the Arab youth have the opportunity to pose questions and discuss sociological, political and cultural issues in the Arab world. This year, the Youth Talk شباب توك  won the first prize of the Radio und TV Festival of Tunisia as the best talk show in the Arab world and the second prize for its video "Youth Shouting No to Terrorism." Abdulkarim and Najmi also talked about the refugee in Berlin and are planning to expand the Arabic program of Deutsche Welle in Germany.

After numerous questions from the audience, an extraordinary lunch was served by the generous Jordanian hostess.

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