In Haus Sanssouci

In a quiet location in Große Wannsee near the Liebermann Villa and the House of the Wannsee Conference, the house Sanssouci is situated with stunning views of the lake. The owner and the managing director, Thomas Brockmann started his career here as the head chef in 1992 and leased the house in 2001 from the owner then, the famous Bolle family.

He shared with us a special recipe of the classic duck dishes with red cabbage and dumplings. Then we ate together at the beautifully decorated tables. Mrs. Schach, the interior design of the house showed the tools and materials used for the Advent wreaths.

After a short tour in the house and through the small hotel connected to it, we were convinced that the house offers an ideal atmosphere for various occasions and celebrations.

inner is served at Haus Sanssouci