Tarte Flambee mit Kolja Kleeberg

Drawn by curiosity, 27 members of the Dinner is Served group responded to the invitation from the Group Leaders Sabine Branoner and Edeltraut Töpfer to a special event at Vau, a prime dining restaurant in Berlin on 18 May 2016. Star Chef Kolja Kleeberg shared his expertise in making a *tarte flambée. We learnt that the dough should be rolled out until it is towel thin. He explained that in fine restaurants, the onions were sliced by hand. Chef Kleeberg and his team showed us how to do it correctly. Very impressive!

While rolling and chopping, we sampled delicious onion bread and two kind of desserts. Chef Kleeberg also entertained us with his guitar and sang George Harrison. He spoke in French with some of the members and learned his first Arabic vocabulary. We were impatiently waiting for our tarte flambée ready fresh from the oven. The tarte flambée was delicious and the wine from Mosel was divine. Thank you for the great afternoon, Chef Kleeberg!

* an Alsatian speciality, composed of a thin pie base topped with sour cream and onions.

Kolja Kleeberg